Thursday, 29 March 2018

3D steampunk floral folders with Sheena Douglass

Hello you wonderful peeps!

Wow! Firstly, I would just like to say a big thank you for all the lovely comments and the amazing response I've had to these samples. I sit here, making my creations for Sheena, hoping people will like them but I'm never sure and then sometimes, I'm overwhelmed by all the kindness! Thank you so much. It really means a lot. 💗😊

What a happy Inkoid I was when we got the news of these beauties! I had a dream of Steampunk embossing folders and had dropped a few hints to Sheena 😉 lol and not only are they embossing folders, but also 3D! Well, it's like Christmas for me! Calm down dear! lol

Sheena has brought us anemones, daises, roses, wisteria and clematis folders which also have matching stamps and sentiments. What's not to love? As you can see the floral elements work very well with the steampunk influences. The folders are so deep and sculptured that you can actually paint them like a picture and of course they are multi-layered. This was created with Sheena's new sparkle pens, Hot and Spicy and Cool and Calm. I decoupaged the stamped anemones to compliment the design and foil highlights were added to the pocket watch.

How I love clematis, and one of my favourites is Wild Fire, so had to depict it for this creation. It allowed me to use the colours from the Cool and Calm set, showing how well they blend, whilst contrasting them against the warmth of the second set. I went for a vintage feel with this one too as if it was a painted plaster background. Shading was added with the colour tint pencils. The flourish dies from the In Full Bloom collection also worked well with the arrangement. 

It's full steam ahead with this daisy and cog combination! I wanted to go really grungy and Steampunky with this one, I felt the cogs encouraged this. It was embossed with gold card from the precious metals range by Crafter's Companion. I then applied a sparkle pen wash, gilding wax and painted the daisies with Pebeo white pearl paint to make them really stand out, this continued the overall satin finish. The matching floral stamps were coloured with the color tint pencils and I added gold foil highlights. 

It was so lovely that Sheena said on Hochanda that she thought these two cards were stunning and works of art. It really meant so much to me that she liked them. 😊

I thought it was also nice to turn up the contrast by combining gilding wax with full on colour. So I coloured and shaded this rose folder with Pebeo gilding wax and the roses were painted with the sparkle pens. Again, flourishes from In Full Bloom complimented this sample. 

I applied this same technique with this card, using the colour tint pencils on the stamped images, which were also decoupaged. 

For this one, it was similar but with an added twist, I used the metallic pencils from Crafter's Companion to colour the folder as well as gilding wax. The background was again the sparkle pens. 

I also wanted to create a card with just the stamps, so you can see how they can also stand alone, and make a lovely card in their own right. They were coloured with Sheena's sparkle pens and foil highlights applied. Don't forget the daisy can also pass as an aster, so it opens up the colours you can use. 

Well, I've had a blooming marvellous time creating these! This new collection really got the crafty cogs working! 😉I know it won't be very long until I use these again, still lots more ideas for them. And I can't wait to see what people make with them.

I shall sign off now, feeling like a giddy kipper!

Crafty hugs till next time,


Fruit and floral stamps with Sheena Douglass

Hello again,

Here I am, binge blogging! lol  You might want to make a cuppa and put your feet up! 😉😂

Sheena recently launch some gorgeous new sparkle pens. This was her second launch of her own colours, these new collections are called Hot and Spicy and Cool and Calm. So, as you can tell from even the titles, we are talking warm and zesty and then chilled out with blues and greens.

To accompany the new pens, we also had some new stamps to play with and they matched the colours brilliantly. There are juicy fruits and pretty flowers.

For this one I was thinking of Seville, where the oranges hang from the trees, basking in the sun, with the light glinting through them. Sheena said she loved this on Hochanda and she thought it was very retro and reminded her of the fifties. What a lovely compliment. 😊

I stamped the oranges, masked them with Pebeo gum, then did a glycerine and sparkle pen background, with a masked sun. I then faux bleached the rays and coloured the fruit.

You can't have oranges without lemons as the old rhyme says. The background was sponged on with watered down pens and I decoupaged the fruit, adding a slice or too. Gold foil highlights were also applied.

And now for berries, which you can have as raspberries or blackberries, which ever you like. This card was decoupaged too.

As soon as I saw these thistles I knew I wanted to team them with one of Sheena's older stamps. I thought the castle ruins would make a wonderful wild scene to compliment these flowers. Who fancies a walk in the Scottish Highlands?

I love these Chinese lanterns and I thought this would be the another chance to show the contrast between to the two pens sets, and how they compliment each other so well. Again, this was a sponged background, which was first flicked with Pebeo gum to leave white lights. I decoupaged the lanterns and depicted them with a magical glow and I just had to add a fairy from a stamp collection by Donna, she went beautifully with these. 

I had such fun making these! What will you create?

Crafty hugs


In Full Bloom with Sheena Douglass

Hello crafters!

Well, what fun we've been having at Sheena HQ. We've had a blooming marvellous time playing with this new Perfect Partners collection! This collection entitled In Full Bloom is a gorgeous set of floral dies and matching stamps. What a treat it was to play with these! There are lilies, anemones, poppies and daises. They are designed as corner elements but can also be used in other ways. Each set provides a large flower and a smaller one, as well as matching and complimentary stamps.

This one was a pen and glycerine background with faux bleaching and I also wanted a distressed, vintage look about them.

You also get some great sentiments with these and can still decoupaged your stamped die cuts for extra depth. 

There are lots of ways to used them, you can go full on colour, or why not bring your gilding waxes out too?

Also, don't be afraid to step out of the corner and experiment. This is a bouquet I created with the daisy corners, which I portrayed as asters, and arranged with the foliage and flourish dies.

Another outside of the corner as we look across a field of poppies. 

I made this one with black card, silver embossing powder and a bit of shading from the Crafter's Companion metallic pens. I also added foil and a touch of clear sparkle.

And the award goes too... lol.. I think I was inspired by the Golden Globes and the Oscars at the time. Cut and stamped out with gold precious metals card. 

Back soon with more crafty creations.



Play that Floral Symphony again..

Hello lovely peeps!

We got another chance to play with Donna's recent musical stamps, with the launch of the new sparkle pens by Crafter's Companion.  I got to work with the Coastal Cottage set and as always, you get more than the colours provided as you can also mix your own shades with them too. This collection brings you a range of blue, pink and green pens.

The background for this one was the sparkle pen and glycerine technique. I decoupaged and added the lilies to compliment the gramophone and brought in the flourishes too.

The idea for this creation was the sound of the music and vibrations radiating outwards, and encompassing and moving us as music does. I stamped the violin and then masked it with Pebeo drawing gum. I painted the swirl with the sparkle pens, let it dry and then faux bleached. Once dry again, I stamped the musical notes. I added a yellow from another pen set for contrast but used Coastal Cottage to mix the brown shade. 

This card was made by stamping and masking the saxophone, streaking water across the card and then adding the colour from the pens, followed by faux bleaching and flicking colour from the pens on to the background. Foil highlights were applied to the instrument.

This is a similar technique, which lets the colour flow across the card.

This background is created by sponging watered down pens on to wet card and letting it bleed and merge, stamping and masking the violin and roses first. 

I combined the 3D rose stencil from a previous launch for the base of this card. The drums were decoupaged on top. 

I hope you have enjoyed seeing these, I had fun making them. 😊

Crafty hugs


Monday, 26 February 2018

Floral Symphony with Donna Ratcliff

Hello crafters!

Hope you are all good out there! It's so cold, I can't wait for spring! It's snowing as I type! But, whilst we are waiting for that, Donna has brought us some floral inspired musical stamps which can remind us of warmer days!

This collection is lovely, really pretty and you can go vintage or full on colour with these. For these creations I used Aqua pens and sparkle pens, with gold foil highlights.

So, firstly, we have the violin..

This set also comes with some lovely sentiments and other stamps you can build backgrounds and depth with. They are so easy to decoupage too. 

Then we have the gramophone, love this for a real vintage feel. This is teamed with one of the floral stamps that comes in this collection.

All the musical notes can help you make your own papers. 

For my next samples I went full on colour, I wanted a carnival sort of vibe for these ones. Strike up the band! 

I decoupaged these drums and roses (hmm what does that remind me of? 😉) for more depth, again adding touches of foil. 

This is a beautiful floral spray to which I added more musical flourishes, it's more subtle than the instruments, a gentle suggestion of a love of music.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing these, I had fun making them, they are perfect for anyone who adores music! So let them work their magic and stir your soul! 😊




Saturday, 27 January 2018

Sketchy trees and poppies with Sheena Douglass

Hello lovely peeps!

Sheena is back with more stamps from her Sketchy range, showcasing them today on Hochanda!
The team have loved playing with these. I adore these trees and stamps! These will work so well with all the other landscape stamps you may have in your Sheena stash.

First, the poppies... so, with these blooms and chosen words, I wanted to create a scene that would say, don't worry, hope is on the horizon, here comes the sun.

For this one, I went for yellow poppies as they would be bright and cheery and compliment the uplifting sentiments. They are easy to decoupage too.

I love trees, so was very happy to get to play with these. So here, we see what lies beneath, there is so much more to trees than we see. I created this as a silver birch, one of my very favourite trees. 

The great thing about this collection is you have trees for all seasons, so whether you are creating summer scenes or winter wonderlands, you have everything you need. Here is the strong and beautiful oak with it's leaves changing through the year. 

And now for a crisp winter morning...

This one was inspired by seeing the beautiful constellation of Orion the other night. This is the best way to see the stars, in the countryside above beautiful trees. 

I also created one to show how you can use the collection together to create scenes. 

For this one, I wanted to do something different and thought a rainbow would suit the sentiments well too, all the colours and shades of life. 

And finally, sometimes we need to just stop and rest. With this collection you can do detailed scenes or something quite clean and simple.

You will have lots of fun playing with these stamps, I know we did.

Craft hugs

Thursday, 25 January 2018

Fairy realms with Donna Ratcliff

Hello crafters!

The team recently went on a trip to the fairy realms, courtesy of Donna. I love all things fairy so this was right up my street!

You can create a real fairyland by combining the stamps across this collection. This is a diorama I made doing just this.

Fairies are an excellent excuse to get out the bling! So for this collection we used sparkle pens and glitter! As you can see the wee folk are still busy during the night. These stamps are easy to decoupage too.

And they are still doing their magic the next morning... you get lots of stamps to create backgrounds with and some wonderful sentiments. 

Who's behind the green door?

Why, a fairy if course! 

Brewing up a spell.. also a great reason to make fancy, backing papers. You can make the bottles look magical by layering them with glitter and clear embossing powder. It's a shame that the sparkle doesn't show up so well on photos.

I love these poppy seed heads! Perfect fairy houses.

Here is something which I thought, would make nice invites for a little girls party. 

I hope you have enjoyed this visit to fairyland.. I'm sure I will visit again.