Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Word Stamps with Sheena Douglass

Hello again,

Sheena recently launched some amazing new word stamps and they were a sell out! None of the team were at all surprised as they are brilliant and so versatile. They mix and match so you can create your own sentiments. What a fab idea! So many ways to play!

Here is what I made for the shows.. the team combined them with the 8" textured embossing folders from Crafter's Companion and the sparkle pens...

I thought the sentiments went well with these Sheena Stamps and dies...

I used different techniques on the backgrounds...

You can mix the words to make a real statement..

I tore into this folder to make it look like an old in an ancient bluebell woodland..

And finally.. I created a canvas with torn sections of the embossing folders, painted it with Pebeo paints and then sparkle pens. I added words from across the stamp sets to tell a story, so you can see how they work perfectly together. 

These are a must have for your crafty stash! I wouldn't be without them..



Home Life techniques for Sheena

Hello out there crafters! 

So, as you will have seen in the previous post, I made some samples for Sheena's Home Life collection. I was super excited when Sheena said my tiles were "genius" on Hochanda. :D I think it was a light bulb moment for me... make the most of it..lol. As soon as I had the idea, I knew I had to do it. 

Anyhew, thought I would let you in on the secret of how I made them. It does take up a lot of time to do this but is very effective. 

I took a piece of Sheena card and my Crafter's Companion score board and scored a panel with 1cm squares.

Crafty tip:  Take some low-tack tape and fix your card to the side of your score board so it doesn't move and you end up with wonky tiles. Turn and repeat so you get squares.

Then next step, I took my Versa Mark pen and ran it down the grooves. You will have to do this in sections I did three rows at a time as it would dry too much otherwise. It was then sprinkled with clear embossing powder and I repeated this until the panel was finished. The squares were randomly coloured with Aquatints. ( The Versa Mark resists them so stops the ink bleeding.) I followed this by adding gilding wax to selected squares.

So I did not get gilding wax everywhere.. it happens..I cut some strips of post-it notes, and placed then around the edge of the chosen tile. Gilding wax was then careful rubbed on to this. 

For matting and layering, I took some Kraft card and applied wax around the edges. I often like to use two colours as it gives it more interest. 

I wanted the tile panel and the kitchen counter top to measure 7.5." So I attached a piece of card coloured with Distress Inks for the surface and then trimmed it to size.

Remember what I said about Gilding Wax getting everywhere? Yes, that... anyhew... make sure it's properly set and dry before you turn over and start playing. Luckily I was putting the mixer there anyway! Phew! 

As you can see I used gilding wax and foils on the mixer and weighing scales as I thought it would work really well for this.

The other idea I suddenly had and simply had to do was sugar cubes! This seemed to go down well too, so that was good. I have to say I was a bit silly giddy when I had the thought for these, lol.

The sugar cubes were made by taking some small foam tape cubes, you can buy them small or cut them down as Sheena said on Hochanda. I sprinkled them with pure white glitter and then applied glue to the back before sticking them to the card. The sugar bowl was made by cutting the arm off the teacup. 

So there, you have it, posh china and posh kitchen tiles!  I hope you enjoyed this post, why not have a go yourself? :)

I'll be back with more updates and tutorials. I'm a bit behind but have a very good reason, been busy making lovely things for Sheena.

T.T.F.N peeps


Home Life with Sheena Douglass

Hello lovely crafters!

Sorry I have been missing in crafty action for awhile but I have a very good reason. I've been busy making lots of things for the lovely Sheena.

In other news, I have adopted a cat, so crafting is now intermittently interrupted by demands for kitty cuddles. When I explain that I love her but am busy it is followed by prods on the shin and being shouted at... and if that fails she just lays on my feet. Guess someone doesn't like being ignored..lol. I make up for it later though and she head butts me and leaves a trail of fur all over me...and over my craft things... anyhew... cuddles make up for it..

Anyway, back to what I've been up too.. Sheena recently brought her Home Life collection back to Hochanda on a fabulous deal and this is what I made for the shows...

Time for tea... with sugar cubes too. :)

I suddenly had the idea for these tiles and had to do it. It took a long time but I was really happy with how they turned out.. will show you how in a follow up post. 

And moving into the garden...

And then preserving the produce. 

I hope you've enjoyed seeing these. More things from Sheena soon, there are so many amazing new collections coming up! :)


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Coming soon... I've been rather busy..lol..xx