Friday, 28 April 2017

Temptingly Tropical Tutorials

Hello lovely crafters!

So, here I am finally updating this page with the tutorial for the gorgeous Temptingly Tropical stamps from Sheena. Better late than never right?... will try not to waffle too much, got a lot of blogging to catch up on! lol... I say that now..... apologies if I fail!... doing it already....sigh, there's no hope!!

Before I begin, for those who may not know DI = Distress ink and SC= Sheena Card.

The hummingbird card, I love these little critters!

So I stamped the hummingbird several times so I could decoupage...

Took an 8" card and mounted a layer of Kraft card on to it, the edges coloured with gilding wax, two shades mixed to create depth. The next panel to layer was this, used the leaf stencils from the Create a Flower collection. Lighter DI underneath, darker over the top with the patterned leaf.

Smaller panel for the centre, stenciled with smaller leaves in the light DI. There was also blue DI for the sky but it doesn't show in photos. 

Then I played around with the arrangement, decided I liked it off set to add more interest. Went on to colour hibiscus flowers with Aquablend pencils.

The vase was created by up-cycling a mash potato container. (For those occasions I don't always have time to cook... don't tell I cut some card to fit around it, applied texture paste through the stencil for the leaves and also added texture gel. Stamped and painted images and decorated.  No photos though as camera died (rude.) 

Flamingo card...

Same method as above for the hummingbird card to create the background. Then I multi stamped the flamingos...I do like decoupage to add dimension. 

I glued the head and neck flat because they needed to be close and put a spot of 3D glue underneath the body to raise it up.

The water was created by drawing a horizon line, applying DI and then watering down some of the blue pebeo paints, mixed with silver glitter paint, and adding over the top in brush strokes. You will find it bleeds into the card but this gives a nice effect with the water. I also added some dark streaks with a darker blue DI. There are hints of pink in the water too for reflection. 

Large Kingfisher..

I created a background using the Barking Mad stencil (Create a Flower) as it works well for a watery feel with DI's. Sprinkle clear sparkle pen over this too. 

Stamped a mountain image by Sheena to build a scene. I like creating cards which look like a photograph, that a moment in time that has been captured. I added more colour to the hills after the photo was taken. Water was created the same way as it was for the flamingo card and I added shimmer with a clear sparkle pen.

Kingfisher was stamped twice, so I could decoupage.  I coloured him with Aquablend pencils but I wanted to have some feather texture to the bird too, so I added some small strokes with the Pebeo paints over the top, which you can just see.

I then added leaves around the scene which I had stenciled and then cut out. Applied 3D glue underneath.

Kingfisher in flight...

I love this image and wanted to keep in cleaner and more simple, so the focus is totally on the bird, that one moment.

For the background I brushed water over a piece of Sheena card and then, with a brush dropped watered down Pebeo paint onto the surface. I then sponged watered down silver pearl and silver glitter paint too, around the edge.

I then stamped and cut out the kingfisher twice, so I could decoupage the wing to add depth.

Peacock cards... 

The feather card background was created by wetting a piece of SC, misting it is a good way. I then dropped watered down Pebeo paints on to it from a fine brush. I chose the colours that appear in a peacock feather. 

I then went around the edges with blue DI ink. 

I then stamped the feather and peacock on to two pieces of SC. I took the photo without flash so you could see where I applied foil highlights.  I did this by brushing on the Pebeo mixition relief glue. They were coloured with Aquablend pencils.

I then drew a small border in pencil around the edge so I could have a guide to tear it to.

This background started off as the same as above, I just went a bit further with it and also sponged on watered down Pebeo. added more water and paint droplets, and then sprinkled salt on to it and left it to dry. When it was dry I dropped Pebeo liquid gilding paste on to it with a brush and then applied green, gold and blue foil when it was dry, again all the peacock colours.

Crafty Tip: When you are doing this method, make sure the card that you have cut is absolutely perfect and square, same size. Be careful not to over wet it as it will warp and be more difficult to mount on your card. Do not use heat as it will make this worse, leave it to dry and do something else. I found this out myself in the past from playing.

Then I began to arrange the card. The feathers are dies from the Downton Abbey collection and I thought they went well with it. They were painted and then pressed against a Versa Mark pad and then sprinkled with blue, green and gold embossing powder. A flower was then added, made form the Create a Flower centres. 

Something I can now tell you, only updating this page now.... I was very honoured to be asked to make another copy of my peacock card for Crafts Beautiful magazine, the current June issue. It was super exciting to see it in print the other day. :D I feel very lucky. 

So I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial,... hands up... I did waffle a teeny bit didn't I?! Oh well...epic can't be good at everything... I'll update other tutorials as soon as I can. 

Ciao for now lovely peeps!



  1. Thank you for taking the time to write all the info and tips! They are lovely cards .. As is all of your work on the sheenas FB page .. And your work this weekend on hochanda progs was brilliant!

  2. Ps congratulations for your magazine feature!

    1. You are very welcome. I love to share. Thank you so much for your lovely comments Don! :D They really mean a lot to me. I love to play with Sheena's collections and hope people love what I make, as all the team do but I don't expect the reaction they get. I really am very touched. :)